Another Dream

They are stopping her from loving,

But preserving and praising their sins.

They tell her to cover up her existence,

But their conscious is naked and stripped.


What is criminal about her freedom,

What is so sinful about her dreams?

What is ugly about her scarred stories,

What is the problem if she chooses to speak?


They wound you and break you,

They ask her to be scenic and sane.

They whispering and screaming out curses,

They calling their mothers and sisters names.


When will the time be to just be a human,

When will resilience not be called weak?

When will she know it is all a dirty conspiracy,

When will they let her be the person that she is?


She wonders how it would be,

If she could walk with darkness clad breeze?

She wonders if freedom smells like faint zephyr,

Or fragrant like her bottled up dreams?







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