I wonder why I worry when it is just all a story?
With new beginnings and just a game called life.
Why do I trouble my fragile soul and spirit?
That sheltered me in those taxing times.

Why do you tell me to live like it is all falling,
When I have my own power to win my fight.
When it is not about the length I have to cover,
But just how well I travel with my light.

Why do I have to count what I am losing?
When all that really matters is feeling alive.
Why do I not celebrate life and mourning?
When all I have got is just this time.

How far are desires going to take you?
When love lives right inside.
Do things that are yet to happen scare you,

Do you care if this might be just one life?

How do I justify my wandering spirit?

In the limits of what’s not mine.
When they say, life is a blessing.
Do they mean it or is it just another lie?