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What if one of them wants to be a “Fashion model”? I hope someone tells her also that “glam world is not as comfortable as it looks on…



Feeling her skin soaked in glory light, Into the reflection of an illusive kind. Beauty lived even in her frozen smiles, In gloominess she was her own sunshine….


So you are telling me, we are humans today. When families are being wrecked and people have died. You tell me life is tranquil and beautiful, While your…


Madhesi Mahila Diaries

This is what Wikipedia says about a democratic republic: ‘A democratic republic is, strictly speaking, a country that is both a republic and a democracy. It is one…

Maybe it’s me.

  Maybe you didn’t hear my silence, Maybe u just didn’t see. Maybe that is the place I drifted, Maybe that is where I wanted to be.  …

My own streets